Ohmyhome Hosts Hawaii State Housing Delegation in Singapore

SINGAPORE, Sept. 22, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Ohmyhome Limited (NASDAQ: OMH, “Ohmyhome”), Singapore’s leading proptech company, a one-stop-shop property technology platform providing end-to-end property solutions and services for the buy, sell, rent, and renovation of homes, today announced that it had the honor of hosting Sen Stanley Chang and his delegation consisting of policy-makers, non-profit leaders and private sector members across the United States at their Singapore Office on September 22, 2023. This visit aimed to explore and gain valuable insights into the Singaporean housing market, with a focus on the differences between purchasing new HDB flats, resale of HDB flats, and private properties, as well as understanding the respective market performance of each category.

Sen Stanley Chang, a prominent figure in Hawaii’s State Senate, led the delegation of 21 on this educational journey, which is part of their ongoing efforts to enhance Hawaii’s housing policies and practices. Singapore was selected as a destination for this fact-finding mission due to its renowned reputation for effective and sustainable public housing, exemplified by the Housing and Development Board (HDB).

During their visit, Sen Chang and the delegation met with Ohmyhome’s executives and experts to discuss various aspects of the Singaporean real estate landscape. The agenda included presentations and discussions on topics such as:

  • New HDB vs. Resale HDB: Understanding the key differences between newly built HDB flats and those available on the resale market, including eligibility criteria, pricing dynamics, and resale procedures.
  • Private Property: Exploring the private property market in Singapore, including condominiums, landed properties, and market trends.
  • Market Performance: Analyzing the respective performance of new HDB flats, resale HDB flats, and private properties in Singapore’s ever-evolving real estate market.

Sen Stanley Chang expressed his appreciation for the warm welcome received from Ohmyhome and commended the company’s dedication to making the property transaction process more efficient and transparent. He stated, “Singapore’s experience in managing its housing market is renowned worldwide, and it provides valuable lessons for our delegation. We are grateful to Ohmyhome for facilitating this informative exchange, which will undoubtedly contribute to our efforts to improve Hawaii’s housing landscape.”

Rhonda Wong, CEO and Co-Founder of Ohmyhome, remarked, “We are honored to have had the opportunity to host Sen Stanley Chang and the United States housing delegation at our Singapore Office. Ohmyhome is committed to simplifying property transactions and providing access to reliable information. We believe that sharing our expertise and insights with esteemed representatives from the United States will contribute to their mission of advancing housing policies and practices nationwide.”

Ohmyhome continues to be a trailblazer in the proptech industry, offering innovative solutions that empower property buyers, sellers, and renters in Singapore and beyond.

Disclaimer: This press release is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an endorsement or partnership between Ohmyhome Limited and Sen Stanley Chang or the Hawaii State housing delegation.

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Ohmyhome is a one-stop-shop property technology platform in Singapore that provides end-to-end property solutions and services for the buy, sell, rent, and renovating homes. Since its launch in 2016, Ohmyhome has transacted over 14,500 properties. It is also the highest-rated property transaction platform, with more than 8,000 genuine reviews with an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars.

Today, Ohmyhome is the first Singaporean company listed in the US in 2023 and the first women-only founded Proptech company listed in the US. Ohmyhome is dedicated to bringing speed, ease, and reliability to property-related services and to becoming the most trusted and comprehensive property solution for everyone.

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